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What they say...

I’ve been a caregiver for 15 years, and OptionONE is one of the absolute best companies I’ve ever worked for. Not only do they care immensely for their clients, they also provide the same level of care and support to their caregivers. This is so important. Unfortunately, in this field I see many agencies take advantage of their caregivers, which creates more job burnout and dissatisfaction. This in turn only hurts clients who are vulnerable and need quality care.


OptionONE is professional, courteous, and prompt in all matters, for both clients and caregivers. This makes for a high quality experience all around. I have had so much support on my cases. And when my clients needed a little extra TLC, they got it! Richard and Melissa are kind and thoughtful people. I highly recommend working here, and having your loved one in their care. They hire only the best, and they expect and deliver the best!

-Alison MacHaffie

OptionONE is the best agency I’ve ever worked for in my nine years as a caregiver. The name says it all. Phenomenal people to work for. They are #1 in my book and will be in yours too. 




-Kristin Durham


I have worked for OptionONE for close to a year now. It has been such a pleasure to work for people who are not only professional, but kind and caring, in particular Melissa Hall.  I can’t recall a time when I have a requested something and she didn’t come through in a timely manner, and always with a kind word or two.  


OptionONE works hard to make a difference not only for their employees, but for their clients.  If more home care companies were handled with such professionalism and grace, more people would have their real needs met. This is so important, especially for our senior citizens.  I highly recommend OptionONE not only for employment, but for people who require assistance on most levels.  This company is a real blessing!





-Patricia Schermerhorn