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OptionONE Care At Home developed a unique Assessment360° intake process to assure that we consistently gather as much relevant information as possible; to assure that we synthesize this information as the basis for developing an optimal care plan; and to then assure that we identify the required skills, characteristics, and credentials of the needed team members. (This is the reason OptionONE customizes all caregiver pay rates, and all client bill rates for each new assignment.)


  • Approach each new client as the unique person they are.

  • Engage not only the client, but also the people in their life.

  • Evaluate the person, their history, health, life goals, family dynamic, and their home.

  • Inquire about the client’s “Life Trajectory.” 

  • Build a specialized care plan based on the information gathered.

  • Complete a “huddle” during which the management team and the recruiter…

    • Discuss the results of the Assessment360°

    • Determine the number and types of people needed

    • Determine anticipated pay rate/s for the team (so that we can determine a bill rate)

  • Custom-recruit team members to execute the care plan.

  • Determine pay rates for each team member – for the specific client and situation.

  • Determine a tailored bill rate based on the pay rates for the custom team.