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What are the payment terms and payment options with OptionONE?

  • For invoicing and payments, everything begins once we've set a Start of Care date. To set a SOC date we collect:

  • A signed Service Agreement

  • A signed Charge Authorization for a card, and also for ACH bank account drafts

  • A retainer deposit equal to two weeks of service, using the card on file

  • For payments…

  • We generate all invoices every Monday.

  • We email all invoices to clients or their designated payer every Monday.

  • We charge the card on file every Monday, after the invoice has been emailed;

    • We don’t use retainer deposit funds for payments.

    • We return retainer deposits within 30 days of the last day of service.

    • o    We use electronic ACH bank drafts to satisfy card charge declines.

  • We can accept checks as payment;

    • Retainer deposit is then based on three weeks of service.

    • A charge authorization is still collected for a card and for a bank account.

    • Check payments are due within seven days of Monday’s invoicing.

  • Invoices that are not satisfied on time are charged to the card on file or to the bank account via ACH draft.