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How We're Different

Companies of every type say “We’re different.” OptionONE Care At Home is different.

I approached my husband and two close friends with an idea: Let’s do something that enables us to go home proud of our work every day. That line is now on the back of our business cards. But back then, it wasn’t a marketing slogan...it was what we all wanted to do. 

JR (Gatpolintan...my husband) was already living this kind of life. As a primary care physician and an HIV specialist, he helped people all day long. My two friends and I were all in unrelated fields. Raymond was in retail. Eric and I were in marketing and technology. I won’t say we weren’t proud, per se, but we wanted more. We all wanted to finish our day feeling like we did something...something of meaning...something that made a difference in people’s lives.

With a quarter of a million hours served, I can truly say that we work hard and that we LOVE what we do.

Nearly ten years ago,

Aside from our personal story, OptionONE Care At Home does 

several things that set us apart from other home care agencies.

Great home care is about more than just the client. You’ll have a better experience because we get to know you, your family, your friends & neighbors…and your dogs and cats too.

During our Assessment360° intake process, we talk about a client’s “life trajectory".

  • We are specialists in 24-hour care.

  • We welcome challenging clients.

  • We custom-recruit the team specifically for each client and their family.

  • We pay our caregivers more than the going average for our region, and we treat them with respect.

  • We do not take on a client if we don’t feel we can deliver great results.

  • We “give back” with our unique philanthropic program we call The Bank℠.