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Why OptionONE?

We’re a team of high-touch managers that apply creative thinking and sound, proven processes to assure the safety of our clients, and the satisfaction of them and their family.

We specialize in 24-hour care,

and in helping families with atypical challenges. After we get to know you our client, their unique needs, and their family members, we develop a plan that’s aimed at optimizing their life. We custom-recruit caregivers specifically for that person.


Our approach to care and recruiting – refined and proven with more than a quarter of a million hours served – enables us to deliver quality service anywhere in California.


Importantly, all of our caregivers are OptionONE employees. We never use independent contractors because contrary to what others may say, it is absolutely against the law. [Learn more.]


Agencies who use independent contractors are exposing their clients and their families to the loss of their wealth, their home, and other assets.

We operate based on a set of Core Values.

250,000 hours served 

and counting!

 MD as Chief Medical Officer 

 Approved by all leading

Bay Area healthcare systems